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Audio description, also known as described video or video description, is the narration of the key visual elements in a video to provide access to people who are blind or have low vision.

Audio description voiceovers narrate all important visual elements of what is happening on screen. The narration includes descriptions of characters, locations, facial expressions, actions and graphics. This additional audio track also includes reading aloud any text on screen such as speaker names, titles and credits.

Audio description ensures everyone has equal access to a wide range of content from TV programs, movies, interviews, events, marketing content and more.

Our audio description service complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and local legislation requirements.

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Why add Audio Description?

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Improved Accessibility

Audio description provides an enriched and accessible experience of visual media for people who are blind or have low vision. It also assists people in low-vision environments, or those without access to a screen. Adding a description track to your video means more people can access your content.
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Better Comprehension

Audio description is used in cases when the existing audio track alone does not completely convey the meaning of what is happening on screen. By adding an audio description track, you ensure that the most important information in your video is being received and understood by everyone.

Our Audio Description Products


We offer the following options for creating an audio description track for your content.

Description Format

Standard Audio Description

Standard audio description involves narrating the visual elements of a video during the natural gaps of the audio track, such as between the dialogue. This editing method ensures the duration of your final video is the same as your original video. Occasionally, the volume of the original soundtrack may be briefly lowered so the audio descriptions can be clearly heard even when the existing gaps are not long enough.

Extended Audio Description

Extended audio description is required when your original video doesn’t have enough natural pauses in the audio track to include sufficient narration. Extended audio description involves editing the video to freeze or pause at required points and inserting the spoken descriptions. As a result, extended audio description means the length of your final video will be longer than your original video.

Voice Options

Human Voice

Human voice audio description involves the use of human voice artists to read aloud the descriptive narration track. This is ideal for creative and artistic content, including films, premium TV programs, theatre and performance.

Synthetic Voice

Synthetic voice audio description involves the use of a synthetic computer-generated voice to read aloud the descriptive narration track. This option provides a comparable level of accessibility to the human voice option, but with a quicker turnaround time and at a more affordable price. Synthetic voices are available in a range of female and male accents to deliver an impressively natural experience.

Live Audio Description

We also offer audio description services for live content such as live news, sport, live theatre and performance. Our live audio description is always delivered by highly trained describers, who can work onsite at your live event or in studio.

Media Alternative Transcript

A media alternative transcript is a written record of dialogue from a video that also includes written descriptions of what is visually happening onscreen throughout. Media alternative transcripts are often a companion or alternative to audio description.

How Our Recorded Audio Description Service Works

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    Upload your videos

    Upload video files from your computer or simply copy/paste the video URL from the web.

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    Our describers go to work

    Our team of professional describers first write the script for the narration. They then generate the new audio track using either human voice artists or synthetic text-to-speech software, depending on your requirements.

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    Receive your audio description

    We’ll provide you with a copy of your audio described video or description track to the technical specifications you require.


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Why Use Ai-Media?

We have provided our audio description service for more than 7 years. Our professional describers are highly trained to provide accurate and relevant descriptions of any content in your videos, whether they be internal training videos, external marketing materials, movies, TV programs, performances and more.

To order our audio description service, simply get in touch with our 24/7 team.



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