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Make a greater impact in the classroom – receive feedback to shape your teaching practice and improve student outcomes.

Visible Classroom is a unique app that draws on the principles of Visible Learning established by Professor John Hattie. The Visible Classroom app allows you to track and improve your teaching practice with data and valuable insights.

With metrics such as talk time, talk speed, and reading ease, ensure your classes cater to all students. Visible Classroom further empowers you with a personalised feedback report based on your teaching practice. This allows you to critically assess what information you provided to your class and what students have learned. The feedback report is provided from the education experts at the University of Melbourne.

Teachers make a significant impact on student development. Visible Classroom provides you with vital feedback on your teaching and supports you in improving your impact over time.

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Why use Visible Classroom?

Improved learning

Teachers are one of the most impactful factors in the classroom, accounting for up to 30% of the variance in student achievement. By having regular access to your talk time, talk speed, language complexity statistics and student engagement data, you can shape your future class structures, content and delivery.

Benefits on all sides

Teachers, those in training, education networks and teacher coaches can all benefit from the analytics provided by Visible Classroom. If you’re time poor, want to improve your teaching methods or want objective feedback – Visible Classroom ensures personal development regularly, effectively and objectively.

PD in your pocket

Professional development has never been easier – our unique app features and ease of navigation help you improve outcomes without taking away valuable teaching time. Equipped with pre-installed video tips and success score navigation, Visible Classroom is the most effective asset for ongoing professional development.

Increase engagement

Implement the feedback provided by our experts at the University of Melbourne to greatly enhance student engagement. Having carefully analysed over 200 classroom environments and teaching methods, we provide you with practical tips to boost student attention and results.

Gain insight into your Teaching Practice

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Success Score

Your Success Score gives you a single number out of 100 to easily track how well you are meeting your targets.
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Talk Time

Analyze the ratio of talk time between you and your students. Higher teacher talk time can affect student performance.
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Talk Speed

How quickly you talk impacts the amount of information that each of us is able to process.
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Key Terms

Easily identify the central themes from your lesson using the visual word cloud.
icon for grade level

Grade Level

Evaluate the grade level of your vocabulary and syntax and adjust to better suit your students.
icon for reading ease

Reading Ease

Receive an in-depth analysis of your vocabulary and syntax sophistication with your transcript.

How Visible Classroom Works

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    Try the app for free (App Store or Play Store).

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    Purchase Visible Classroom

    Request more lessons through the app and our sales team will get in touch with you to arrange specifics.

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    Get your transcripts & metrics

    Record and upload your lessons to receive your transcripts and teaching analytics.

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    Feedback from the experts

    Once you’ve completed five lessons, request your personalised feedback report from the education experts at the University of Melbourne via the app.

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The legacy of Visible Learning has been translated into the Visible Classroom

Until now, we have not had technology that helps teachers start to see and really understand their impact, rather than relying simply on their memory of how that lesson went. And so our aim is to give teachers a mirror and show them their lesson as if they were looking through the eyes of the students. This enables them to know their impact more fully.”

– Professor John Hattie, The University of Melbourne

Visible Classroom Features

Use the unique app features to see your impact in the classroom. Visible Classroom is your professional development made easy.

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