Accessibility for Live & Pre-Recorded TV

Our journey began providing broadcast captions to Foxtel in Australia over 10 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, providing captions for over 200 channels around the world. Our captioned broadcasts cover sports, news and events on the world stage.

Within each partnership, our clients have access to an individual suite of services to help cater to their specific accessibility needs. This suite includes live captions, live subtitles, recorded captions, audio description and transcripts. We also offer several delivery options, including how the captions are displayed on screen (snaking one word at a time vs multi-line blocks) and how they are produced (stenocaptioner vs respeaker). Each of these options are appropriate for different audiences and use cases, either in real-time or in post-production.

Through the power of accurate captions, subtitles and audio description, everything from breaking news, blockbuster dramas and international sporting events have been opened up to new audiences. We have helped broadcasters make thousands of hours of content accessible to everyone

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Our Broadcast Industry Services

Live Captions

Broadcast television is often the first place that people encounter live captioning. Audiences around the world, whether waiting in airports, celebrating together at their local bar or in their own home, enjoy the accessibility of live captions on air. Originally, live captioning was introduced to broadcast television in order to meet regulations designed to support the Deaf and hard of hearing community. The use of live captions has dramatically grown in popularity with the increasing diversity of where audiences view content. Live captions are the hallmark of accessibility for major live events, news and sport from the Oscars, to the Olympics and the grand finale of our favourite reality TV shows.

Live Subtitles

Live subtitling, the translation of broadcast captions in real-time, is an emerging need in our increasingly multilingual, multicultural world. Making your content instantly available in multiple languages opens up distribution globally. In many markets, localization of content is becoming increasingly regulated and live subtitling provides the most efficient means to meet this demand.

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Recorded Captions

Whether your content is traditional over-the-air broadcast, VOD or OTT, captions ensure that you’re reaching as broad an audience as possible. Captions will provide access to your content for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, but they’ll also reach commuters watching on their phones on the noisy train, and people who are still learning your language. Captioning also forms a cornerstone of many countries’ accessibility regulations, and our recorded captioning options can help you stay 100% compliant.


Audio Description

Audio description, also known as described video, adds an additional narration audio track to assist people who are blind or have low vision to fully access broadcast content. Audio description is the primary form of access for blind audiences. It is used in a whole range of visual media, including movies, television programs and live broadcasts.

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Transcripts are the written record of what is said in a video or audio recording. Provide access to your content, whether in the production process as post-production scripts, for journalists recording their interviews, or as an archive of your completed program.


Case Study

Channel 7

Our partnership with Australian broadcaster Channel 7 began just before their broadcast of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Excited, but with only four days to find a way to cover every live event, we needed to pool all of our resources quickly. We pulled together a team of 40 live captioners in record time, and the event went seamlessly, with resounding success on all fronts. We now have a multi-year captioning relationship with Channel 7.

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We Love Sport

No matter the sport, we can caption it. We can live caption a broad range of sports, from the more unusual – badminton, archery, darts – to legendary sporting moments like Usain Bolt’s Olympic record, and the winning pass of Super Bowl 2019.

From a yorker in cricket to a squib kick in gridiron, our captions ensure that no viewer is deprived of the rich lexicon of their favourite sport.

We continue to grow our list of international events each year, and no event is too challenging. We have captioned World Cups and international icons of sport on the world stage. To caption the Olympics, we prepared over 11,000 competitor names from 205 nations, across 306 events in 28 sports. Whatever the sport, our philosophy is the same – thorough preparation ensures high-quality captions and accessibility for everyone.

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Channel 9

“Since contracting Ai-Media in 2013, we continue to be impressed with their performance, capabilities and ability to adapt and deliver. Over the years, Ai-Media has worked openly and collaboratively with our organisation and is a true partner to Nine.”

Geoff Sparke
Director of Broadcast Operations – Channel 9


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