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Today, education means many things, from traditional lectures in a classroom to workshops streamed online around the world. Students with disability, international students and even teachers themselves can all benefit from an accessible learning environment. Captions, subtitles, audio description, note taking and transcripts level the playing field for all students, making sure no one is left behind.

Our suite of products spans all three areas of responsibility for educators – accessibility, engagement and regulation. On the accessibility and engagement front, we have pioneered remote live captioning for students with our revolutionary Ai-Live platform.

We have worked hand-in-hand with universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe to make sure they are meeting their regulatory requirements to provide accessibility to students with disability. Our products support students with deafness, vision loss, autism, auditory processing disorders and learning difficulties.

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Our Education Industry Services

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Live Captions

Captions in the classroom unlock content of all kinds, from live lectures and tutorials to pre-recorded videos. If your students need real-time access to classroom content, CART Captions is the answer. Students can read what their teachers are saying in real time on their own devices, or displayed on a screen for the whole class to enjoy.

Almost every college and university course includes video material for students to watch at home, or played in class. Adding captions in advance ensures your courses are always accessible.

When holding large events such as convocations, guest speaker events and graduations ceremonies, the hope is that every student and their family can enjoy the occasion in person – but this is not always possible. Therefore, many institutions are now opting to live stream these events online, and adding streaming captions keep these events accessible to anyone.


International students are an increasingly large part of the student body at many institutions around the world, and supporting their education is key.

Whether for live lectures or recorded videos, translation into your students’ languages can increase engagement and comprehension and lead to better student outcomes. Subtitles are an easy and effective way of translating academic content.

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Transcripts of lecture and class content provide an incredible tool for student revision and comprehension. Being able to easily review what was said in the classroom reinforces learning and is more efficient than watching long recordings in their entirety.

Transcripts also form the backbone of LMS and archive content, which has benefits for current and future students as well as academics.


Audio Description

Audio description, also known as described video, is essential in providing access to recorded video material for students who are blind or have low vision. It consists of the narration of the key visual elements in a video.

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Note Taking

Note taking provides consistent and quality notes for content covered in lectures and classrooms. Our notes support students by enhancing understanding, inclusion and accessibility through easily understood summaries.


Visible Classroom

Visible Classroom is a smartphone app that provides personalised professional development to teachers. With metrics such as talk time, talk speed and reading ease, you can ensure your classes cater to all students. Visible Classroom further empowers you with a personalised feedback report based on your teaching practice.
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Platform Integration

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Government and Education Funding

Many government and education bodies around the world run funding programs for accessibility services, such as the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) in the UK. Contact us to discuss your particular situation and needs.

Case Study

UC Davis

Ai-Media met with the University of California, Davis at NAACO 2018 to discuss their focus on diversity within the campus. The result of this meeting was the need for a ‘text to personal device’ option for students that wished to tune into the updates of an upcoming ceremony.

Ai-Media partnered with UC Davis to provide CART captioning for the campus-wide ceremony later that year. The live-captioned event was shown in multiple languages across four different streams across the university.

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