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Make your event more engaging and impactful with Ai-Media’s broad range of tailored services for events.

Ensure that your content is accessible to a broader audience by adding captions to your live presentations, video streams or recorded media, and encourage content review by providing audiences with a transcript.

Not only that, our live subtitles will help you reach audiences who speak other languages.

Explore the full range of our event services below.

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Our Event Industry Services

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Live Captions

Live captioning your conference or event with CART captions provides access for deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees, while also supporting your other attendees to get the most value from each presentation.

Live captions provide the opportunity for everyone to keep up, regardless of language fluency or distraction, by displaying the words being spoken in real-time text.

Our live captions can be projected onto a screen, overlaid on a presentation or displayed on individual computers, phones and tablets.

Live Subtitles

Live subtitling, the translation of captions in real time, allows your event to be truly international by removing language barriers.

Many events bring together audiences from around the world, and being able to speak their language is vital for engagement and inclusion.

If your event is hosted in an officially multilingual country, live subtitles can help you meet regulatory requirements.

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Live Streaming Captions

Increasingly, live-streamed content is being consumed through personal devices and on social media, and many users are choosing to watch without sound.

Ai-Media can support you to reach these audiences by adding real-time live captions to your live stream, as well as providing full end-to-end stream management. Our stream management services include sending your live stream to any of the popular video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Zoom.

Recorded Captions

During your event, it’s likely that you’ll be screening pre-recorded videos. Be prepared ahead of time by adding closed or open captions to any video. These captions not only boost accessibility and engagement, but provide peace of mind on the day of your event if there are any A/V hiccups with playing the video soundtrack.
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Give your attendees a record of every key statement, onstage revelation and surprising moment from your event by using event transcription. Your event will stand out by providing attendees with added value even after they have left. And you’ll be immediately ready for any press releases, media statements and follow-up articles, with exact quotes from each presentation available in your event transcript.

Case Study

World Economic Forum 2019

In 2019, Ai-Media teamed up with the World Economic Forum in Davos, an event that brings together some of the best minds to combat world issues. As the official restreaming and captioning partner, we delivered 400 video streams, provided live captions for 153 hours of content from 22 world leaders, with 100% uptime and 99.5% accuracy, all delivered remotely to WEF’s social media platforms – in real time.

Other Highlights

The United Nations, GitHub, F8 (Facebook’s annual summit), Amazon’s Re-invent have all used our streaming and CART captions to facilitate seamless event captioning across the world. We have been able to match the highest standards set by these global leaders in the technology, non-profit, broadcasting, social media and e-commerce spaces.

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Human Rights Watch

“Ai-Media’s expert services provide an additional level of inclusion and access during our events, guaranteeing our entire audience’s equal participation.”

Shantha Rau Barriga – Director
Disability Rights Division, Human Rights Watch

“It saves me taking so many notes as I can rely on your brilliant transcripts. I think everyone should use live captioning at all events and conferences.”

Donna Purcell
Senior Advisor Accessibility, Disability Rights


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