Making the workplace accessible for all

Whether you’re an employer looking to make your workplace accessible, or an employee requiring support, our accessibility services are designed to flexibly suit any situation. Live captioning and streaming provide real-time access to meetings, webinars and conference calls for Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees, while our transcription and note taking services maximise value and engagement across your business.

Businesses are increasingly using accessibility products such as captions and transcripts as a matter of course for all meetings and business operations to increase impact, engagement and productivity.

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Our Workplace Services

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Live Captions

Live CART captions in the workplace are the easiest and most efficient way to provide access for your deaf and hard of hearing employees. Our CART captioning is delivered remotely and securely to any personal device, and can be booked and managed by individual employees as needed.

Live Streaming Captions

Our streaming captions can be added to your Zoom calls, webinars, conferences and any other event you are streaming online. Captions are integrated directly into your streamed video – no other windows or applications required.

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Transcripts & Note Taking

Our transcripts and note taking services are an ideal way to keep a written record of meeting minutes, calls or workshops. We offer a verbatim record of everything said by anyone in the room or on the call, or we can summarise just the key points to keep it succinct.


Workplace Funding

Access to Work – United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, and their employers, may be eligible for government funding through Access to Work (AtW). This funding can be used for any of Ai-Media’s accessibility services.

image of government UK access to work program
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Job Access (EAF) - Australia

In Australia, employees with disability can use their Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) via Job Access for accessibility services provided by Ai-Media.

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“Live captioning has always been something I’ve dreamed of. Special thanks as well to all the captioners at Ai-Media who make my working life so much easier!”

Nikki Crocker

Herbert Smith Freehills

“The difference that Ai-Live has made to my working life is immeasurable. It has given me confidence that I can participate in some aspects of my practice in law which I thought were previously inaccessible to me, such as teleconferences.”

Calvin Shaw
Herbert Smith Freehills


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